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into there. the craziest thing ever. >> . we're joined live now by capt., this started with a woman that was walking to pacific heights, how did this all turn into a bizarre chase? >> it was another vicious street robbery were the suspects jumped out of a car, the silver mercedes that has crashed behind me, and ripped the back deck from a woman including her ipad, and got back in the car, numerous witnesses called us and described the vehicle. officers were along their route cancel the car and got behind it, the guy took off at a high rate of speed and this is the result. >> several cars and how many people hurt? >> at this point i believe that there is three. >> and the two suspects, are they in custody? >> we have three suspects in custody. pat this point we're still in the investigation process. >> thank you for joining us, you can see the aftermath behind me, they're still adding up to figure out exactly how many
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people were hurt but you heard them, three suspects and finally they caught one of these guys that has been doing these robbers around town. you're about ipods and i-pass but now finally the have someone in custody. but look at the damage left behind. >> that is crazy, thank you very much. this developing story out of oakland, this is video into the newsroom, police have detained a person who may be linked to last night's take over robbery of a safeway store in neighboring san leandro. five armed robbers stormed the safeway at 9:00 and ordered workers and customers to the floor and stole money from the cash registers. no one was hurt, a whole incident happened in about 40 seconds. >> call it a pepper spray payout. the video when viral, uc students doused with pepper spray during a campus protest. tonight new details about $1 million settlement. phil matier explains that is
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only half of what the mess has cost taxpayers. >> that is right, it is one of those scenes that stays in everyone's memory and it will be a memory here for quite a while. here is the story. >> probably one of the most watched and now one of the most expensive youtube moments in history. the 15 second clip of the university of california police officer pepper spray but student protestors at an occupied demonstration against tuition hike/november. an event that school officials say was way over the top. >> it is something, these images when all over the world and anyone who solesmes was appalled. >> also one of the reasons why they agree to pay each of those 21 students $31,000 each for their pain and suffering, $630,000 in all. add another $250,000 for their lawyers and $20,000 for the american civil liberties union and there's a total settlement package of $1 million. but wait there's more. other cost so far also include
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$408,000 for an independent review of how the university handled these protests, $119,000 to an outside firm for crisis management support. $445,000 for an outside investigation into the pepper spray incident and another $230,000 for the internal affairs investigation into the officer that actually did the spraying. put that package together and you have another $1 million spent bringing the total so far to over $2 million as a result of that pepper spray. >> that is a lot of money? >> it is, but the bottom line for us to is what happens moving forward, if there were no settlement it was estimated it would cost to the university much more if it went to trial. >> as for what mr. espy to do with their $30,000? >> i will donated all to people who are in debt. i don't want to keep one penny. >> i will pay future tuition.
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i know that is what a lot of my friends are doing. >> either using it to pay off alarms that i have for my undergraduate education, or save it for a grant school. >> the settlement money comes out of the uc self insurance fund, something that pay into regularly, but the other money comes out of wherever they can find it. one thing is certain, at a price like this, this is a moment that they do not want to repeat any time soon at any of the uc campuses. back to you. >> thanks. he went to sleep in his bed, woke up to a nightmare. tonight an 11 year-old boy was shot when bullets ripped through the wall of his east oakland home but is now out of the hospital. joe vasquez shows us that it could be a long time before that boy is truly healed. >> he is recovering from five surgeries' and a serious wound to his liver .. >> are you back to normal?
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>> i'm not back to normal, i need to get better and then i will get back to normal. >> today doctors gave the okay for the 11 year-old to return to his east oakland home. >> when i came back to the house, it mamade me remember everything that happened. >> to has been six days and someone shot him through the walls of his house. >> i was sleeping right here, and then the bullet came right through there and suddenly i felt a strong pain, it was burning. and i saw blood everywhere and i when i got up, i was running, going crazy. i was crying. my uncle was holding a, and everyone was calling 9 1 1 and the ambulance. >> what goes through your mind that someone shouted through the walls? they did not even know you? >> they just shot me, i don't know who it was,
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>> tonight we were sleeping here, what will you be thinking? >> i do not know, i will not sleep here, i will sleep in my sister's room because nobles went in her room and i think it is safer. this one says " deer louise, i hope you get better soon ". >> the whole community and your class is praying for you, what you want to say to everyone? >> i would like to thank them because the principal came by to visit me and they sent me notes, and i heard that everyone was crying for me. and there were praying for me to get out of the hospital soon. and did well. and that made me appreciate them. >> police have made no arrests so far, his father tells me the family plans to move away as soon as they can afford it. >> checking bay area headlines, for the first time in seven years there is a case of human west nile virus in san fransisco. health officials say the man did
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not travel outside of the bay area at any time recently and probably that means he got infected by a mosquito here in the bay area. the man was hospitalized last month and is now recovering at home. >> a livermore couple charged in a deadly drug laboratory explosion has struck a plea deal to avoid lengthy prison terms. the couple had faced murder charges for the deaths of a 35 year-old man who was fatally burned in the blast at the couple's apartment last year. police say that the three had been using liquid butane to manufacture hashish oil. >> and the a teenaged driver that hit and killed a concord father and his daughter changed his plea today to guilty. the 17 year-old david rosen admitted that he was driving recklessly ahead of that deadly april crash. he faces nearly eight years for vehicular manslaughter, and is expected to get the maximum at
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his sentencing next month. but by law he can only be held until he is 21. football injuries are striking fear in high-school athletes as the season starts. among them, concussions. coaches tell us that your kids are going out for football this year. and ann noterangelo explains how it is keeping more kids off the playing field? >> frank no one and is varsity quarterback and suffered a concussion four weeks ago and felt out of sorts instantly and four days afterwards. >> two days later i had to write an essay and there was a lot of grammatical errors, and the format and was out of order. >> he was upset a new state law for some on the sidelines while he recovered admits that first snapped back was nerve wracking. >> i was a little scared, >> this junior varsity coach spent 16 years playing football
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and half of that in the nfl and he never got a concussion. but he is acutely aware of attention to hits like the one sustained by this athlete, have scare off athletes. >> i know for a fact that there are players in this campus that are not applying because concussions are concerned. >> he talks to his players about what a serious it could mean but knows that he needs to be vigilant. >> they don't want you to pull them and not to view all the information. >> i'm concerned, it is a point of and this is what the players as well as parents. >> and there is a sense of relief that judgment calls about when a player can go back now rest in the hands of doctors. >> why don't you get evaluated before you play because you need to be smart with your brain. >> this doctor has already treated nearly 20 high-school football players with concussions in the north bay this season. this time last year he had only seen two. the key is to have them fully healed before going back out.
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>> of thing we can do is prevent a second concussion from occurring on top of the first one which could be catastrophic. >> the series of test before and after and injury and the treatment can be costly. this doctor is setting up a non- profit to provide education and treatment to help i schools play it safe. >> it is very new and people are not used to it, they're not taking ownership of the education that is part of what we're trying to do. >> the message hit home sooner for others, and adds a sense of perspective. >> high-school football is a lot of fun but it is not your whole life. >> alliance are four games into their season and already they have had four players receive concussions showing how fast that this can happen. in the short term it does look like we are going to see more of these concussions reported as people get a better idea of what to look for but long term it looks like the game itself will have to change so that we can avoid dramatic hits. >> thankyou. >> the uc this? this is the
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hayward fault, d.c. this? this is a major study published in nature, the implications of this study about faults like this, absolutely staggering seismologists. we will study the implications to the bay area after the break. >> i am one of the luckiest people in the world. >> a climber survives a deadly avalanche. the point when he stopped looking for his friends ... >> your being inappropriate by assuming things. >> i'm not assuming, i am asking. >> he refused to answer questions, later apologized.,,,,
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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>> one minute he is reading the bible and the next he is thanking god to be alive.
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an extreme skier born in the bay area survived a terrifying avalanched on one of the world's tallest mountains. he is lucky to be alive but he realized that his friends were not as fortunate. >> probably one of the luckiest people in the world at the moment. >> california terror double survived an avalanche in nepal. the eighth highest mountain in the world. about 200 climbers were sleeping in a camp about 22,000 ft. when disaster hit. he said that he was awake in his tent reading his bible when he heard a loud roar. the wall of snow swept away all of the tense and the people in them. the avalanche hurled him 1,000 ft. down the mountain. he was barefoot and injured. he punched his way out of his hand to search for others of found no one. >> you're doing everything that you want to do because you know that your friends lives depend on your next actions. and unfortunately everything that i did proved to produce nothing. so at that when i needed to start thinking about my own
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life. >> he said that the camp looked like a war zone when rescue crews arrived to fly the survivors out. the world famous skier had hoped tuesday off of the mt. once they reached the top. he and his french colleagues talk about their plan before they left. >> skiing the eighth highest mountain in the world ... >> sounds like a good idea. >> he is famous for making light of risk-taking but says that he is devastated that his friends are missing and presumed dead. he grew up skiing at lake tahoe and is considered a pioneer of american extreme skiing. >> it takes a lot to rock a seismologist world but a one-of- a-kind earthquake triggered a seismic shift in scientists' understanding of how the earth moves. brian hackney explains that it involved the same type of fault that california is famous for. >> hello, we're standing here on
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the hayward fault, in fremont, because of what is in this paper. implications that seismologist could not believe. that what they found could have triggered the big one on a fault like this anywhere in the bay area. the story begins very quietly five months ago. >> planet earth was unusually silent early last april, there had been a scattering of magnitude five earthquakes across the globe when suddenly ... a huge number of big earthquakes erupted worldwide. >> this is an extraordinary spasm of global earthquakes. this is something that i thought was impossible. >> he and his colleagues think that all of those aftershocks were triggered by this ... what turned out to be a bizarre magnitude 8 1/6 earthquake in the indian ocean last april 11th. >> is this something that you never thought you would see? >> this is an unprecedented earthquake in every way, i cannot believe it.
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>> that is because it turned out to be the largest ever recorded on what is called a strike slip fault, the same kind of fault that underlies much of california. >> the moment that you learn that this was a strike slip earthquake, what went through your mind? >> how bizarre. >> no one ever thought that this mechanism could trigger such a huge earthquake. so let's look at a model of how they work. it is a very simple model, with the north american plate here and the pacific plate over there. and in between? masking tape holding the fault together. the pacific plate moves northwest 2 in. per year, the strain increases and increases. and increasing until ... it snaps the surface, resulting in dramatic offsets like this one in what is now south san francisco after the 1906 earthquake. but but earthquake last april was 25 times more powerful than 1906. >> unlike anything you thought
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this mechanism could produce? >> that is right. this earthquake resets are thinking about the maximum magnitude of these events. >> the moment the earthquake snapped it sent the strongest energy waves on record worldwide, triggering those quakes across earth, something never seen on such a scale before. >> these were all large earthquakes, potentially damaging earthquakes occurring all over the globe. in the days after this event. >> it is likely that they were triggered on faults that were ready to go anyway? >> absolutely, not just kind of ready to go. you could read on them and they probably would have gone. >> there is one fault that we know that is ready to go. >> that east indian earthquake, could this have been the earthquake to push over the hayward fault and finally rupture? >> yes it is quite possible. >> and there, there is the physical hayward fault, look at the offset in the skirt. this side of the fault headed to
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alaska and decide staying put on a hot metal plate, bumping want a few centimeters per year, so for instance if my dog is on the pacific plate and she would be in the san pablo bay and 4 million years, both by creeping and big shots on the vault. the next and there's a big earthquake onerous, are we on alert? the answer, probably not. this is unheard of. the thrust earthquake not as big of a problem and those have been much more often than what we saw back in april. >> i am hoping it is a one every 1 million years kind of earthquake because you're giving me heart palpitations year. >> you should have them to because this thing that i am standing on is the most dangerous fault in the bay area, the last summit went off in 1868, it is due any time. any time. >> we talk about it all the time
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and yet so many of us, me included, are not prepared at all. >> let's get ready now. >> this is a fascinating story, thank you. >> too many of us have that attitude, just lying there, taking it easy, like a dog, relaxing. >> any emergency, a hurricane in florida, or an earthquake here, be prepared. we live in this area because it is doable but that is one of the hazards and we just need to be prepared and make sure you have some stuff at home just in case anything happens. here's a peek outside, a lot of people driving home from work. the golden gate bridge in the clouds all the long and once again we will see this beginning to change starting tomorrow. let's talk about your forecast for this evening, cloudy at the coast with a change coming up this weekend. 61 this evening, cooler evening but mainly clear inland. temperatures right around 69 or 70 degrees. cloud cover not going anywhere. we need to shove the onshore flow in mind to stop and it will
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pretty soon. as high pressure builds over head, the first pup steps to get too hot is to eliminate the onshore flow. that begins tomorrow but we know will market warm until the weekend. 80s near the bay when this scenario sets up saturday. high-pressure to the north, east win, the pressure to the south, and enhanced east wind. all this comes together for a very hot weekend. livermore 92 tomorrow and san jose up to 80. not too uncommon but better than today. fremont a high of 78 and vallejo 73 and sandra fell 81. san francisco only 60 degrees. check out the extended forecast, specifically saturday, sunday, and monday. well into the '90s inland and '80s new the bay a special sunday. and it weakened at the cozy ties will into the '70s. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> special offers, social updates, not exactly spam but they can clutter your e-mail. on the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we all get them, graymail. that is email like subscriptions and newsletters that are not exactly spam but they still clutter your in box. >> on the consumer watch, julie watts explains that a new website promises to bring organization to email so checking it is less of a chore. >> are you suffering from e-mail overload? would you believe that only 2 percent of your e-mail is legitimate spam, 75 percent of e-mail is stuff that you sign up for that you may or may not want to go through every day. this website scans your in box for what you might consider gray mail and then unless you on subscribe or categorize. that way instead of getting 20 different facebook updates for google alerts, you get one email
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per category with everything attached right there. it only supports an e-mail and google applications for now but they do hope to add more providers soon. one of those on wanted emails maybe from your bank. notifying you of an overdraft. a new study shows that a quarter of checking account users are frequent over drafters. resulting in more than $1 billion in overdraft fees. one contributing factor for the increase in overdrafts is the increase in debit card transactions which are harder to keep track of for some than checks. one way to avoid the fees, set up test an e-mail alerts to notify you when your account reaches a certain limit. and we have told you many stories about renters evicted from their homes. today renters have new protections under the homeowner's bill of rights. governor jerry brown signed the final three bills aimed at protecting homeowners in the midst of the morninmortgage cri.
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people who purchased foreclosed homes will have to honor the current tenants least. if there is no lease than renters must get at least 90 days' notice before eviction. three other bills were signed into law earlier this year and provide protection from robotic signing and dual track foreclosures and other things. if you have a consumer problem and give us a call, today volunteers got a viewer nearly $2,500 back from a dating service that was not abiding by their own refund policy. >> great stuff. >> i am not done yet ... >> this is inappropriate for you to come in here ... >> a local city council candidate accused of fraud, the questions he did not like us asking? >> the battleground states where one can it it appears to be surging. >> our deepest longing is to
6:27 pm
feel like our lives matter. >> delivering food to those ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> he is running for oakland
6:30 pm
city council, a number of notable officials and organizations have endorsed him but some people in the neighborhood say " wait a minute ". linda yee is here on his legal problems and questions that he did not want to answer. >> he took me to the army base and said that is where it would be. >> it sounded like a promising investment, a bio diesel plant at the site of the old army base. so mario and his wife took out an equity line of credit on their house and went $210,000 to mario juarez, an oakland real estate broker running for city council. >> he said that they would pay us back. >> but they say that there were never paid back and the site for the plant is still empty. >> he was able to win my husband's trust, our trust, and then abuse it. so that he could basically steel
6:31 pm
money from us. >> they're not the only ones complaining. pedro says that he would pay him more than $20,000 to help him open up a sports bar in oakland. but more than one year later? >> the building is empty, so i asked what happened, i saw that nothing was done. >> he stopped taking his calls, he has no sports car, his life savings is gone and he had to break the news to his college- bound son. >> you need to wait now because i do not have the money. >> they're not the only angry families, we found many more clients complaining about his alleged deceptive business practices. including the city of oakland. according to city documents, he contract with oakland to collect unpaid judgments in 2002. the city says that he then made fraudulent representations and
6:32 pm
kept the money. just days before the case went to trial in 2007, he settled and paid the city back $31,000. >> i am linda yee from channel 5 ... >> we asked him to talk about the complaints against him. >> some of the people that you have dealt with in the past say that you're not honest and i don't support you in this candidacy. >> these issues have come up before. >> a couple claims they lead you to hundred thousand dollars for a bio diesel company, did they lead to that money? >> those are things that are currently under litigation, and it will be solved through litigation, so for me to speak about those things, that would be highly inappropriate. >> his plans website claims he is in partnership with east bay mud, the utility says that is not exactly true. >> as anything happen? having started building? >> as far as we know, nothing
6:33 pm
yet. >> what about the bio diesel? >> no more information is being given out. >> then there was a deal to build a bar in this building in oakland. >> he never paid him back the $30,000 that yohe gave you. >> it is highly improper for you to make that assumption. >> wait a minute, i'm not done yet. >> this is highly inappropriate for you. >> you said that you would be open and i bring up questions from your constituents. >> your being highly improper by assuming things. >> i am not assuming, i am asking you. >> later he called and requested another interview. he apologized. >> i want to thank you for the opportunity to speak to me about some of the questions that you have. >> he insists that he runs an ethical and legitimate company. >> this is mudslinging by disgruntled people and not the right way to do it. >> it is interesting to note
6:34 pm
that after the first interview with him, he went and filed a police report claiming that one of his accusers assaulted him at a meeting last month. we then presented us with a copy of that record during the second interview. >> to the national campaign trail where the all important swing states are starting to swing one way. a new poll shows the president suddenly surging ahead in several key battlegrounds. political reporter grace lee is here with where those big numbers are coming from. >> it is getting interesting of the numbers that we're talking about today come from a new cbs news/new york times poll. it shows that these are very big swing states for the president. together pennsylvania, ohio, and florida, represent 67 electoral votes. in pennsylvania the president is leading by 12 points including a huge lead with women. in ohio he leaves with 10
6:35 pm
points. and in florida he has a nine. edge, who is helping him in the sunshine state? it would be seniors, and women. the question now, how significant is this whole? >> is this the turning points in the election cycle? >> this is a turning point but it is clear now that obama has moved out of the margin of error in the swing states. so it is now going to be much harder for mitt romney to see a pass, a strategic path to victory. >> most voters identify the economy and jobs as the number- one issue this election year. in this poll all three swing states, pennsylvania, ohio, in florida, have a majority of voters choosing the president as their man to lead the charge. something we have not seen before. >> we noticed that he has managed to weather the concern about the economy largely because mitt romney has not convinced people that he will be a preferable alternative.
6:36 pm
>> he is a presidential campaign strategist and has worked with both bill clinton and hillary clinton as well as al gore and he says that it is not over yet. >> particularly in the age of replacement referees that we're seeing in the nfl, the obama campaign should not be celebrating in the end zone to early. >> but he believes that it will be tough to recover after mitt romney was seen talking about a 47 percent who do not pay federal income taxes in a secret recording. >> last week for mitt romney will arguably go down as one of the worst weeks a presidential candidate has had in modern history, objectively speaking. he began the week with a 47% and you know it was difficult and he tried to trump that by putting out a tax return where he only paid 13%. >> he says the next debates could be his last chance in this election. >> i think it is two strikes against mitt romney and he has his third chance at this debate but given where the race is, he has to do something pretty
6:37 pm
significant to realign the race, or change it up. >> already we're seeing a quick response from the republican side. a super pak funded by billionaire joe birkett will launch pads in swing states starting tomorrow. the $10 million campaign will target americans that voted for the president in 2008 but are not sure who to vote for this year. i am grace lee, cbs 5. >> another breaking story that we are falling, cow train service stopped in both directions this hour. apparently the system is shut down because a cow train clipped a car in san bruno that was on the tracks. no word on injuries or when the train will get rolling again. >> there is nothing that is more powerful than its eating this way and realizing that you actually feel better.,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a north bay chest started with a simple request, teach a teenager how to cook. >> that idea has boiled over into a unique meals program that the chef says it is saving lives. sharon chip in introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> the food that leaves the kitchen of his nonprofit must be beautiful, delicious, and nursing, because it feeds people that were fighting for their lives. >> there's nothing more powerful than eating this way and realizing that you actually feel better. >> catherine is the founder and executive director of a community project, a five year- old nonprofit that delivers healthy organic meals to 80 patients and their families that are battling life-threatening illnesses. they deliver their free meals every week in sonoma and marin counties. this woman has been diagnosed with a terminal case of leukemia
6:41 pm
but she says that these meals have kept her alive. >> the food is medicine, yes it is. we eat more vegetables, you learn how to each and higher- quality of food. >> are you enjoying it? >> the idea occurred after she taught her friend's daughter to cook six years ago. they made meals for three families dealing with serious and illness and that produced the ingredients for the program. >> it cannot of the simple idea to get kids in the kitchen and cook for people letterset. >> she started in a church kitchen in sonoma county but not have their own kitchen and have served 900 families 130,000 meals. >> hundreds of adult volunteers delivered meals and oversee 250 young chefs. but it is the teenagers that do the cooking, using food from their garden and local donations.
6:42 pm
this 15 year-old has discovered that she can make a difference. >> i can do something that i loved and help others so that is great. >> this woman is fighting ovarian cancer and says that catherine and her team do not just serve nourishing food but encouraging notes that the personal. >> i took this deeply into my heart and that is my new motto, " everything is possible ". >> now she is sharing the recipe with several nonprofits across the nation. >> the deepest longings to feel like our lives matter, and we're care for and we care for others. and it is one big stew of that. >> so for providing healthy meals for hundreds of seriously ill patients and their families, this week's jefferson award in the bay area coast to catherine couch. >> are you making plans for the weekend? my forecast has changed. that is coming up
6:43 pm
>> the nfl comes down on the player that injured a raiders receiver. and why is a forme [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging.
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atls fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversn turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>> we're already thinking about the weekend, wednesday is the time to solidify your plans on which they will be warmer. either of them will be toasty. still cloud cover rolling into the bay area, a beautiful shot, getting dark kind of early. just after 7:00 officially that some will go down. severe weather system in other parts of the country, we did in illinois. not out here. let's go to southern illinois where 10 different tornadoes touched down yesterday injuring two people and knocking down lots of stuff. winds up to 140 m.p.h.. trees down and power lines down thankfully no one lost their lives but we did have to injuries in southern illinois because of tornadoes yesterday. in livermore the one spot at 81, santa rosa 73 and san jose can
6:47 pm
not by a day above normal. and oakland only 64 degrees. three years ago today, go back three years and we have a record high in livermore of 103 degrees, that happens with an offshore wind. we will be close to 100 this weekend in livermore, a pattern will certainly be changing. lots of cloud cover at the coastline moving inland through the golden gate and spilling over the peninsula. change is coming as soon as tomorrow. the first thing that we have to do is shut off the tap of the cold air coming from the pacific. notice a 3 or 5 degree temperature rise as high pressure moves over top of us and get less of the onshore flow and then we get a different source of air starting saturday. the weekend will be very warm both weekend days, high- pressure will set itself up over northern california, enhancing the offshore wind and with the offshore wind we will get very warm with a high fire danger
6:48 pm
this weekend. the son will be out earlier with couche. it will be the worst we can we have had in the bay area since late july. call tomorrow back to normal. 73 in san jose with a high of 80. 76 in palo alto tomorrow for your thursday. mid to upper seventies, about 680 close to 90. pleasantville 89. and pleasanton 90. sonoma gorgeous, sunshine and 83. san leandro 75. chilly one in daly city, high tomorrow 63. bay area highs over the weekend, 83 on sunday but a dispose weekend days, well into the '90s inland and at the coast we will see sunshine and highs in the '70s saturday, sunday, and monday before things cool off. a big fire concerned anytime you talk about offshore winds early in the fall. with more, roberta gonzales live
6:49 pm
in livermore. >> we are in the foothills of livermore and one of my favorite spots in the entire planet is on the other side of that mountain range. cow that is a lake, the area is 5,000 a. around the lake and what you see? just beautiful scenery. but it comes at a price, notice that this is why we have fire restrictions right here for the foothills. it is extremely dry, brittle and dry. so we brought out the fire captain to tell us why so dry? >> you have to remember that we're getting right in the center of fire season in september and october. and we have the beautiful foothills but the grass is here are volatile, they can be very volatile and when we have high fire danger like this, anything can really ignite and spread fire. >> you are talking about september and october being the combustible months.
6:50 pm
we had a big october fire in the oakland hills in 1919, are the conditions similar to that? >> that was the perfect storm but they could quickly get to those conditions, 21 years ago, 1,500 a., 25 lives, loss of lives and property is something we need to remember because the same conditions could repeat themselves and we could have. real tragedy. >> so you are predicting centers near 100 degrees this weekend? what should we do? >> go to our website, and click on the fire restrictions page. just some simple rules, no smoking in the wild lands and no driving off road. >> visit us at for more information on fire restrictions. as we ta
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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>> just three sacks in three games, the raiders ranked 31st out of 32 teams in the nfl, that is why henry carter is headed back to the bay area but this time he will be wearing silver and black. the former 49ers signed with the raiders this afternoon. carter was selected seventh overall by san fransisco and had
6:54 pm
32 sacks in five seasons there. he made his first pro bowl last year registering 10 sacks with new england but then he tore his quadricep muscle and is now he says he is healthy. >> physically on a scale of 1 to 10, where are you? >> 100. i had a lot of friends that said i have crossed over to the dark side, but everything is coming full circle. where i am at my career, why not be back in the bay area where it started for me? being the last class of then walsh is something i hold dear. >> steelers safety kit was fined $21,000 for this helmet hit at put. opposing player in the hospital. meanwhile, the patriots' head coach was fined $50,000 just for touching the official at the end of the game. you can see he was just trying to get his of attention as they were running off the field. allen made a great point during
6:55 pm
the commercial break " how can you find a coach $50,000 for touching an official and $21,000 for putting a player in the hospital? >> it should be the other way around. it is outrageous. while the nation waits to find out, the blind rest are ruining america's game but they are reportedly getting close to some sort of agreement and it cannot come soon enough. tommy john is a name synonymous with the most famous surgical procedure in sport but it just so happens he was not a bad picture either. >> he is not in the baseball hall of fame, but in baseball circles, his name is well-known, tommy john it is the pioneer for pitchers, looking for rebirth with the elbow ligament that was torn. >> it is better to have an
6:56 pm
orthopedic surgery and after you than a chronological surgery named after you. >> he won 288 career games with six teams including the indians, dodgers, yankees, and even the oakland a's, almost 38 years to the day the famed tommy john surgery. >> there is a tendon right there, if you look at this hand, i do not have it. i have a scar here and a star right here. they pulled that out and grafted that into my left elbow. thus, the tommy john surgery. >> the surgery was performed by dr. frank jobe but it is a patient that got the credit and got back to the big leagues. >> he said " if you don't have it and you'll never pitch again, if you have it that it might work ". i started throwing to my wife, playing catch with her. and knowing that i could not throw the ball hard. and it was not trying to throw the ball hard. all that i wanted to do is
6:57 pm
exercise my arm. >> after surgery went on to win another 164 games. the success rate of recovery at the professional level has reported to be between 85 and 92% among hundreds of cases. >> let's just say that i would like to be one of the only guys to come back from it. >> wilson is recovering from his second tommy john surgery. and will be ready by spring training. >> when he had the surgery, did they make him shave his beard off for cleanliness? >> to amazing things, tommy john and then acl surgery, that was a time when nfl players career would have been over. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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